Installation of robotic cells on any manufacturing

Automatization of specific industrial process or the whole production line

Inspair — official system integrator
of KUKA Robotics Russia company

We work with industrial enterprises, universities, colleges and schools

About Inspair

One year Warranty
Warranty is valid for the whole complex, including the robot. Extended warranty is valid for a robot - up to 40 months.
Maintenance service
All characteristics are under control: from oil change to screw tightening.
We are an integrator of KUKA robots
KUKA Roboter is a German company, one of the leading providers of intelligent solutions in robotics technology.
Client's budget and limitations are taken into account
The variety of industrial robots of different types and specifications are provided.

Robots are appropriate for the following areas

Casting, punching, hammering
Assembly operations, loading and unloading, packing, labeling
Welding and soldering
Machining operation

Stages of Robotic complex integration

Procedure of production and development of tips for the robotic complex integration with reference to economic efficiency
Development of engineering, software and operating documentation
Selection and development of technologies
Development of complex security system
Production of unique structural solutions of equipment and mechanical facilities
Software development for operating of robotic complex and an operation desk
Installing and commissioning operations
Service, warranty and post-warranty maintenance
Project implementation: roll labeling
Advantages of robotics complex:
1. Reduction of expenses on operation execution
2. Providing with uniformity of labeling
3. Ability of non interrupting production
4. Verification of weight-and-dimensional characteristics
Project implementation. Complex of adaptive robotic cell with integrated technologies of machining operation and geometric control of critical products
1. Combining of equipment into single computer network solution:
- Processing
- Monitoring and metering
- Handling equipment
2. Making substantive decisions about processing queue, motion patterns with the purpose of machine load increasing

We are telling about the process of robotizing of your manufacturing

We are offering options of robotics for your unique case and we are helping to start
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